Thursday, August 13, 2009

Combining blogs

Hello ya'll. Been quite a while since I was here. Life has been good, but very hectic. I was trying to run 3 seperate blogs--one for my pottery, one for papercrafts, and this one. Did not do so well and almost quit blogging at all. I finally decided to combine all crafts under one blog, which became Just started it a few days ago, but I think you might enjoy. It will be very crafty. Little bit of my art, little bit of my sewing, smocking and quilting, little bit of card making and scrapbooking, little bit of pottery, as well as family and life moments. I want to thank all who have followed me and visited. Stop by and see the new one. I think you will like it. I plan on doing some craft shows in the fall and I am going to be a "Gammy" in October!! That should really bring a new concept to my creating. I end here with closing thoughts--Be safe, happy, healthy--hug your loved ones every chance you get--don't forget to smile and laugh and most importantly PRAY!!!!!!!!!!! God bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ferdinand Magellan

This is my little man as Ferdinand Magellan. He was required to dress as a character of a book for a book report. Needless to say, we went all out!!! He loves doing these type of projects, says that is what he likes the most about school---doing projects with mom. Well, mom may not feel exactly the same--due to the amount of work needed---but I will never let him know. We are so pround of him. He won the math award in the 4th grade with an overall average of 98!!! He also won another math award. Awards day was Tuesday and school is out for the summer!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I think I am as glad as he is. Today is my day off and is filled with fun things to do. My best friend is leaving on a missions trip to the Ukraine today, and I am taking her and another friend from our church to the church out of town where they will all meet and depart for the airport. This will be her 3rd trip. Please pray that this group will have a safe and successful trip with many blessings!!! While I am out of town, I am going to visit one of my favorite aunts. I have not seen her in a few months so we have planned a nice visit this afternoon. I hope ya'll have a fun packed day, and as I always say---be safe, happy, healthy and GOD bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


It has been raining here for weeks, and today the sun came out. Unfortunately not for long though, as I type there is thunder in the background. Hopefully it is a short lived shower as the radar only shows this one cloud over us!!!!!!!!!!!! The quilt top above is my first quilt experience. I finished piecing it several weeks ago, but just getting around to posting. It is by far from perfect, but I am pleased with it. My aunt's mom is 95 years young, and she is going to help me with the quilting. I have the backing and the fabric for the back, now I just have to learn the hand quilting. I hope to do this this week or next.

While blogging this morning, I saw a wonderful post on one of my favorite blogs I visit I have committed to her prayer request, and I hope ya'll will also. Our country is in desperate need of a lifting of GOD's word. Please join us in asking for this.

Summer is almost here, and my little one is so ready. He is counting down the days and hours until our recreation center pool opens. He is planning a wonderful summer of swimming, riding bikes, and playing hard with his friends. Today he and several of his buddies are off on there bikes---soon as he left the thunder started, but he is at a friends house waiting out the storm--retraction--he is on his way to the ice cream store--I may not survive this summer. I have forgotten how brave 10 year olds are!!!!!!!!

I must get off this computer and go to the grocery. I have planned a menu for this week, and I need to pick up a few things, so I am off to shopping. Hope ya'll have a great blessed weekend!! Take time to hug your loved ones and please pray for our country. Be safe, healthy, happy and may God bless ya'll!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Beginnings!!!!

"Strength and dignity are her clothes, and she smiles at the future"
Proverbs 31:13
She smiles!! The past two years have been quite a strain on my baby girl, but she has succeeded. She has very seldom smiled during this phase of her life, but since that phone call the other day saying she had passed and was out of school she has been back to normal. I have heard her laugh and giggle more in the past 3 days than I have in a long long while. She is so proud of herself and so are we. The guy with her is her long time boyfriend. They have been together for most of the past 7 years. The future brings joy and happiness for these two, and it is well deserved. Be safe, happy, healthy. Hug the ones you love, and God bless ya'll!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great News!!

My daughter graduates from nursing school tomorrow!!!!!!!! This has really been a rough two years for her, but she gave it all she had and accomplished a goal she had set for herself. Tonight is the pinning ceremony and tomorrow is graduation. Lots of family and friends coming into town for this, so I am home today cleaning. She already has a job at our local hospital, and she is starting a new chapter in her life. I am so proud of her!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy crotcheting. I have been taking lessons from a friend and I am on my third throw!! I did two with granny squares, one large and one baby, and now I am doing a single crotchet with varigated stitches. The pics are not real great, but you can get an idea of my projects. The weather here is horrible!!!! Rain and thunderstorms!! Please keep all those that have had damage and injury due to these storms in your prayers. We have been really fortunate, but those in south Mississippi and the surrounding states have not been. Ya'll take care!! Be safe, happy, healthy and God bless ya'll!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where have I been????

I am not lost, and I have been very busy sewing. I made this for my best friend in the world for her Christmas present. The problem was she only got it about a month ago. She loves aprons as much as I do and asked me to make her one in bright colors. Her daughter went with me to pick out the material and waa laa!!! I love it.

Really I sort of lost my mojo for a while. I have been piecing pieces for future quilts and I have been crocheting. As a matter of fact, I have crocheted one blanket and am over half way done with two more. I will post pics later. My computer has been giving me some trouble, and my laptop blew up. Things have really been wild. I tried to cut back on working so much to have more time to sew, and I think everyone I know was waiting for me to do this so they could give me a list of what they wanted me to do. I am finishing all past projects and starting on things for me or things I want to do for someone. I hope ya'll are fine. Today is is beautiful here. I wanted to get out in the yard, but we had lots of rain last night and it is to wet. I will not stay away so long this time. I plan to get my pics downloaded this weekend and get back on a regular basis. Take care. Be healthy, happy, and safe. Hug the ones you love, and most of all----May GOD bless ya'll!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Easter Bunnies

I did this insert several weeks ago, and I thought it turned out so cute. I love the colors and bunnies are one of my favorites. The smocking plate is by Cross-Eyed Cricket. It worked up really fast.
It has really been a bad week here. One of my fellow co-workers and dear friends lost her husband to ALS on Sunday afternoon. He left his wife and 2 children. The son is 18 and will graduate this year from high school and their daughter turned 16 on Saturday. It is so heart breaking, but the are wonderful Christians and have handled it good. He had talked to everyone and told them he did not want any life support at the end. He had made peace with God and was ready to go home. Please pray for this family. They are the Mitchells.
I have been working on my quilt squares and now have 8. I am going to post a pic this week. They are nothing to brag about. I did not have a pattern. I just started cutting and piecing together and ended up with a square. I went back and measured and made a template after I made 3, and I am just taking scraps from my aprons each time I finish one and making a square. There is no coordination in the colors of the squares, but I figured I would just call it my Apron Scrap Quilt. I am really having fun sewing them together and fun is what it's all about. I guess I had better be going. Take care, be healthy, be happy, hug those you love, and God bless ya'll!!!